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Jagers Dance And Events Studio, Jagers Dance Centre, Jagers Events and Jagers Strictly Events are just some of the business names used by Ronald Jager. On the 12 January 2008 Ronald Jager was the event organizer responsible for a dancing exhibition, which only lasted THREE minutes. Strictly Come Dancing fans paid up to £40 a ticket to be packed into the Longfield Suite Prestwich to endure a lackluster performance by Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, who starred in the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. Ronald Jager, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone walked away with a full profit for this excuse of a dance exhibition and a full refund has been refused.

The strictly rip-off website has been created to inform the unsuspecting public about the unorthodox business methods employed by Ronald Jager.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Ronald Jager : Click Here

I've been Jagered - what can I do : Click Here

I don't want to be Jagered again - what can I do : Click Here

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WE NEED YOUR HELP: Please contact the strictly rip off team, with your experiences of that Calamitous night with photographs, video or mobile phone clips if possible.


The Ronald Jager Three Step

Step 1: Find a big empty dance hall and hire it.

Step 2: Fill the dance floor with tables and chairs to cram in as many people possible - to maximise profits at the expense of people's enjoyment and safety.

Step 3: Put on a three-minute show - put your head in the sand and hope you can get away with it.

E-Mail: justice@strictlyripoff.com, Or you can simply use the Have Your Say page.


Please be patient this website is still under construction - We did not expect a night out at a Jagers Dance And Events Studio event, starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, would result in us having to create a website to fight for our consumer rights.

This is the Strictly Rip-off Quick link section - please visit LINKS PAGE for further details.

Read Bury Times news article Strictly rip-off’ dancing uproar. Make your own mind up about Ronald Jager, Jagers Dance And Events Studio.

You can contact Ronald Jager at: Jagers Ltd (Jagers Dance & Events) PO Box 617 Lancashire OL1 9GT. Find out what Ronald Jager intends to do regarding future events or visit: www.jagersdance.com to keep up to date with Jagers Dance And Events Studio. Before you consider a Jager Dance and Event, you must find out if you will have to bear the risks of the event. Telephone: 0845 - 634 2934

The Complaints Reception Team Advertising Standards Authority: Online form

Trading Standards: www.tradingstandards.gov.uk

Health and Safety Executive : Online Form

Bury Council :Online form

Local Government Ombudsman : E-Mail: enquiries@lgo.org.uk : www.lgo.org.uk

BBC Complaints Online Form

The Longfield Suite manager: E-Mail: longfieldsuite@bury.gov.uk

BBC Watchdog: Online Form : E-Mail:watchdog@bbc.co.uk

Mr. Mark Phoenex (Jagers event sponsor) : E-Mail:mail@prestigiousvillages.com

News Desk Manchester Evening News : E-Mail: newsdesk@men-news.co.uk

Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace : E-Mail:passione@vincentand flavia.com

Ronald Jager of Jagers Dance And Events Studio : E-Mail:Ronald@jagersdance.com


Please be patient this website is still under construction.

We did not expect a night out at a Jagers Strictly Come Dancing event, would result in us having to create a website to fight for our consumer rights.

The Strictly Rip-Off team.




Who is Ronald Jager............ ... .... ...... ....... ^BACK^

Originally from the Netherlands (Gorinchem), Ronald Jager was a professional dancer who retired in 2003 having achieved a world ranking of 1719 (source Dancesport info.net). According to Ronald Jagers website (www.jagersdance.com) Jagers Dance is widely known as a successful and prolific school in Great Britain and Ronald is very big in Staffordshire. All Jagers Dance School activities take place in rented locations across the North West. Jagers Ltd (Jagers Dance & Events) operates from a PO Box in Oldham and can be contacted via voice mail (0845 - 634 2934) or a mobile phone (07726 - 913 173).










I've been Jagered - what can I do......... ^BACK^

If you were misfortunate to be present at that poor excuse off a dance event you must do the following:
1: Complain in writing to Ronald Jager - demand your money back.
2: Inform the Strictly Rip off team - we need your details and views on what happened that night.
3: Use the links section of the Strictly Rip off Website to complain to the various organizations that are paid to protect us.













I don't want to be Jagered again - what can I do...... ^BACK^

Until a full refund and apology is given the answer is simple:


2: Make sure you can pay by secure credit card methods - you should be able to claim your money back.

3: Before you attend any event make sure the event organizer will give a full refund in case something unforeseen happens. It is not your responsibility to bear the risks associated with such an event like this.













































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